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Seatbelts Save Lives In Car Accident

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A car hit a guardrail and launched over it – plummeting 30 feet into a shallow stream. This car accident occurred on Providence Road in Northbridge Thursday. Luckily the driver and two passengers involved in the crash were wearing seatbelts and escaped the wreck with only minor injuries.

Police and Fire Department rescue personnel responded to the scene and found a 2002 Chrysler 300M in the water.

“When we arrived, the car’s (occupants) were out of the vehicle already,” said Northbridge Fire Lt. David Nowlan. Firefighters then placed a series of absorbent booms in the water to help prevent the car’s fluids from being washed into the stream.

Imagine falling head-on into a 30-foot ravine and surviving the impact. This is yet another example of seatbelts saving lives. Please remember to buckle up.