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Chrissie Cole

Toddler In Critical Condition After Police-Involved Crash

Two young children were hospitalized at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, in Providence, after a car crash on Wednesday in Swansea, according to police.
A two-year-old is in critical condition…

David Bazar

RI Hit and Run Automobile Accident – Part II

This discussion began with the story of a Providence man who hit three people with car and drove off with one of the people impaled in his windshield. The same issues could have been raised by the…

David Bazar

Rhode Island Car Accident Injury Arbitration vs. Trial

It’s the classic question in trial law: Do I choose arbitration or litigation for my case?
There are pros and cons to both, as with any choice between two options, and depending on the specific…

Bob Audette

295 Rollover Accident Brings Seatbelt and Car Seat Use To Forefront

Seat belts and car seats have long been touted as providing an essential safety function in the event of a vehicle accident. On September 1, 2009, on Route 295, a jarring tragedy served as another…

Sam Bazar

Liability for alcohol consumption at your home

Can you be held responsible for the acts of a Drunk Driver who drank at your home and then injures someone on the road?

Courtney Mills

3 Deaths in Rollover Car Crash

Three people died in a rollover crash on Thursday afternoon, and a fourth was injured, in Tiverton, Rhode Island, the police said. The driver was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle, causing his car to edge off the roadway and flip over, sliding onto its roof. The accident occurred at approximately 5:00pm.The driver and two of the passengers were killed…

Shannon Weidemann

Pawtucket Teen Killed as she Crossed Road

A 13-year-old girl was crossing Smithfield Avenue in Pawtucket when she was struck by a car Tuesday evening. She was out walking with a group of friends and family. She died from her injuries at Hasbro Childrens Hospital in Providence. Her family remembers the victim as a sweet girl that was always taking care of her mother and younger siblings.The only thing she insisted on, family members…

Jennifer Barry

Seatbelts Save Lives In Car Accident

A car hit a guardrail and launched over it – plummeting 30 feet into a shallow stream. This car accident occurred on Providence Road in Northbridge Thursday. Luckily the driver and two passengers involved in the crash were wearing seatbelts and escaped the wreck with only minor injuries.Police and Fire Department rescue personnel responded to the scene and found a 2002 Chrysler 300M in the…