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Naples Medical Malpractice Trial Wrapping Up

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A medical malpractice case in Naples, Florida is close to finishing and being put before the jury. Melvin Dill is suing gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Marks for the death of his wife. The doctor performed a colonoscopy on Judith Dill, which resulted in complications that lead to her death.

Dill, who lived at Citrus Park in Bonita Springs with her elderly blind father each winter, went to Naples Community Hospital, now called Downtown Naples Hospital, for a total knee replacement. The April 4, 2003, operation was successful, but Marks, of Consultants in Gastroenterology, was consulted four days later, after Dill — who often felt ill after anesthesia — became nauseated and vomited. The next day, Marks performed an endoscopy and on April 12, a colonoscopy, which ended in Dill vomiting violently and aspirating. It entered her lungs, causing an infection, and later caused her organs to shut down, ending in her death on April 25, 2003.

The hospital and anesthesiologist have all reached a settlement with the plantiff in the medical malpractice case. Defense witnesses provided testimony today and closing arguments may soon be heard.